The World’s first portable border system


joyFENCE - product features


Bubble Filter System

Welcome to the comfort zone. If you are in a joyFENCE situation it will definetly help to fade out or simply mute any external bad influences. This provides you with enough time and privacy to make further decisions.


Teflon-coated razor blades

An established technology - used for your safety. The unique combination of effective defence and simple maintaining is one of the key features, that make the joyFENCE so inimitable.


Touch-Screen Interface

The fast and clear touchscreen interface guarantees the best usability for everyone at everytime. The intuitive control system is easy to understand so it can provide all important functions when needed.


Locking System

Tearing down a border has alwasy been difficult - now it’s impossible. This unbreakable lock is the physical security centre of the joyFENCE. The innovative system was developed by international specialists for machine based safety.
Quality, human lifes can rely on.


Finger Print Activation

The perfect safety isn’t just safe - it’s a personal space of secureness that is available at any place. The joyFENCE uses a highly developed fingerprint activation system that works in milliseconds and with authorized persons only.